Tuesday, March 10, 2009

20 week scan...

Ok, so the votes are in!

To be honest I decided completely seperatly from the poll - but it's good to know what you all think! So by now you're probably begging to know exactly what I decided - It was all up to me because Sarah was sure she wanted to know, but only if I wanted to know. So there I was on the day of the scan thinking to myself how do I decide which way to go? Really my only two motivations for not knowing were that it will be something extra for Sarah to use as motivation during the hard times of labor, and that its another great thing to find out at the time of birth... But on the other had what motivation do I have to find out... Well, I will know now what sex the baby is, and be able to call it one of the "favourite names" that Sarah and I have picked out... and of course there is simply the fact that we can! I know lots of people think it's more natural to find out the old fashioned way, and I respect that.

So here we were - Sarah lying down on the bed, ultrasound probe showing us images of emby... and the operator says... "Now this is his face... oh, and by the way do you want to know what sex the baby is?", now of course we know he is kidding - or is he? Anyhow I decided on the spot... "Yep!". So the ultrasonographer continued and towards the end of the scan pointed out to us the essential parts that indicated with "great certainty" what we are having.

I'm sorry, but I just can't bring myself to tell you all what sex our Emby is. And for those of you who voted in the affirmative because you wanted to find out too, I'm sorry, but you will just have to wait until Emby's birthday to find out. 

Sarah and I have had a very public (especially in our church circles) period of trying to conceive, and pregnancy, and we both feel that we should be able to keep this one secret to ourselves - just for us. 

So I hope none of you are too bummed about that, but we are over the moon - and I guess we would have been either way - but it certainly feels very special to know that in approximately four months time I will be a father to a very special .... 

Ok,  I'll stop teasing you now :-)

For those who wanted to see pictures - here you go...

If I figure out how I will try and upload the video that we got, but it's not in a very useful format, and my laptop won't even play it unless I play it directly from the DVD we were given. Then again, many of you might not want to see it - in which case please feel free to not watch it. I know how difficult that can be. 

You guys are all so special, and I hope and pray that your odyssey will bring you to the place of joy that we have come to - by God's grace.