Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Long time, no post...

Hi everyone, sorry for the HUGE gap between posts - work has once again only gotten busier, and hence more stressful... 

Anyway - here's some pics of our nursery...

We thought that paddington bear was gender neutral enough... :-)

We have also bought a set of drawers and a baby buggy since these photos were taken - might show you those photos later.

As for something more poignant... I'm struggling to think of something at the moment. 

I have a couple of friends moving out of town who read this blog - you know who you are... Just wanted to say that we'll miss you heaps, but know that you won't be strangers. You two have been a huge support over the years and it's been a real privilege to be on the inside of your journey through infertility. simply by being there you have helped, your advice has been invaluable, and don't forget - we can still fly F16's and down Mig29's over the Internet :-)

And to the rest of you - thank you too for all that you do.