Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things just start getting exciting again

HI all,

I'm only able to write a small note because I'm about to head out, but here's a brief update on all that is going on...

On Friday afternoon Sarah had a light brown discharge that seemed to be fairly constant - she notified the midwife who said to let her know if anything changed. On Saturday it got slightly darker. So on Sunday after a continuing darkening of the discharge the midwife booked us in to see her in the evening at hospital.

During the short stay at the hospital a dark clot came loose and the midwife took some swabs to determine if it was due to infection or a blod clot. The did a referal for an ungent ultrasound scan to see if a bleed had occurred.

Monday afternoon saw us at the ultrasound clinic. The scanner told us that Sarah had a definite placenta Previa (planceta completely blocking the cervix), and Sarah has a blod clot and that Sarah needed to be in hospital because these can bleed profusely. So that evening Sarah was admited to the meternit ward, and there she has stayed - and will stay quite possibly until the baby is delivered! She has had a number of clots come away over the last couple of days, and they say that she needs to be in hospital until she has had a clear 24 hours with no clots or discharge. They are doing daily fetal monitoring, and have decided today to give Sarah steroids to encourage the lung development of Emby incase an early delivery is necessary. The delivery will have to be "through the sunroof". There is a risk regarding the clot that if it gets bigger rather than dissolving that it may cause the placenta to come away from the Uterus endangering both Sarah and Emby, so another scan will be had on Tuesday next week to determine what is happening with the clot.

Sarah is fine, just tired and a little sore from lying the same positions all the time, but is otherwise feeling fine.

I will try and keep you all up to date when I have the time - between working, and being with Sarah (without an internet connection) I'm not finding much time to even be on the internet, but be rest assured, I will be updating you with all the important info!

Thanks Guys,

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Stacey said...

Thank you for sharing this, Abe. I will certainly be praying for all three of you. Keep us updated when you can!