Sunday, February 9, 2014

Male factor infertility

I have been away from the blogosphere for a REALLY long time... Not for any particular reason, but I came back on a whim to see what as going on, and it seems that despite my years of neglect there are roughly a dozen people viewing a page from Stirrup Queens. So that means that there are a dozen or so peopl out there loking for perspective on the issue of male infertility... so I guessI better start perspectivating!

Since Abbigail was born, we are still infertile. Not even a hint of pregnancy. We have had 2 further attempts at using frozen embryos. We have one left. we have taken a long time to get through them because life has been harder thanwe expected since Abbigail was born. Some of that you know if you've been contributing to my page views ;-) other stuff has been happening too. Sarah has really struggled with painful medical conditions over the last several years, some of them gynacological, so the thought of adding a pregnncy to the mix has not given either of us much enthusiasm for the idea of getting pregnant. Thhose issues aren't going anywhere, but our youthfulness is! So with our one last remaining embryo we will step out into the realm of possibiity once more. If we are uccessful then our hearts will soar! If not then we will call it a day, wave the white flag and sorrowfully accept that one is enough.

You know, six or so years ago, when I started this I decided that this blog was for me, for any children e subsequently managed to have, and of course anyone who found themselves where I am. If you come across this post and you are one of those people searching for a perspective on male infertlitity then let me know by commenting and or following. It will be encouragement for me to keep sharing.

Frustrations are some of the hardest things for us guys to deal with. Not understandng why has nothing to do with low sperm count, bad morphology or some other male factor issue. It has everything to do with why me? Why can't it be fixed? Surely there is something I can do! Frustration at one thing comes out in everything. Guys don't compartmentalise this very well...Well, at least I didn't. Stresses from multiple avenues cause everything to be harder. So ladies, if we are snappier than usual, or have short fuses then I appologise on behalf of your man. He doesn't mean it, and has no intention of hurting you with arsh words. If he stamps out of the room in a way that  hurts you then give him space. He is likely leaving the room because he needs to not say something that will hurt you. Guys, if you do storm out of the room you need to know that your lady needs to know you will be back, that you still love her, and that you need this space. One thing i have learnt is that  woman needs to know CONSTANTLY that you ONLY have eyes for her, that your "I do" doesn't automatically register as "sold". Women who are constantly told of the undying love of their  husband are infinately more capable of coping with other stressful issues - such as infertility. So Men... LOVE YOUR WIVES - AND TELL THEM SO LIBERALLY! You won't regret it!

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