Thursday, February 13, 2014

The last act...

We have embarked on beginning our last phase in fertility treatment. We have 1 final embryo. It seems like an eternity ago that we began the treatments that started out IVF journey. We have been blessed. If this embryo fails to implant then we will have such mixed emotions.

To some degree we will be relieved that the journey has finished regardless of the outcome. The pressure of not knowing what will happen to the life we have created and suspended has always been there, even if we aren't always cognisant of it.

As to the process between here and knowing, well of course there is the hormone treatments which we are thankful not to have to inject this time, but the swings will still occur, which I can write off as part of the experience, but Sarah still has to endure them.

And then there is the result. Agony or Ecstasy. Elation or deflation. Child or no child. That roller coaster will take us to our destination one last time.

So here's to the future. Its as clear as mud


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