Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Peace and Quiet

Hi all,

This morning I woke to the sound of brewing coffee, the faint aroma of aforementioned coffee, and a real sense of peace and quiet. That is such a long forgotten concept for me. I've since "puddled" as Sarah put it, and enjoyed every second of it. I can't remember the last time I had the opportunity to do this... Boy does it feel good!

Yesterday we bought a percolator which is responsible for the brew I'm now drinking, and it is different brew to simply putting it through a plunger - so I'm quietly happy with our purchase yesterday - especially since it was half price!

But there's something different about this morning - it's like I felt the world stop spinning, and the hustle and bustle of regular life was a distant memory. I felt like I connected with God more deeply than usual. Maybe it was the rising sun flickering through the trees, or the deep silence that can only occur at 6am in the morning. It felt really good. 

Sarah is feeling generally better than she did a month ago - still has off days like yesterday with nausea. But we are heading towards 11 weeks, and enjoying reading through www.whattoexpect.com, it is very informative, and gives a glimpse into what is going on inside. Oh hang on, 11 or 12? It's so easy to get ahead of yourself because its so tempting to look at the next week and before you know it your looking two weeks ahead by accident... Hang on I've just got to figure it out... OK, it will have been 11 full weeks, and we will be starting week 12 tomorrow (Wednesday). Wow - the first trimester is only a few short weeks from being history... it does happy all so fast - I remember thinking some time back - 9 months is a REALLY long time to know your pregnant and have to wait for the baby! Perhaps it will pass more quickly than I thought. 


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