Friday, February 27, 2009


HI everyone,

you may be wondering what could cause such an emphatic and enthusiastic title - some of you may have guessed!

Sarah has been experiencing little flutters of movement for several weeks now... The night before last (sorry it's taken so long to blog about - I've been busy!) we were praying together in bed, and I, as I often do, had my hand on Sarah's bump where Emby is busily growing up, and mid sentence I felt a little poke! It was so unexpected - but SO COOL! It is perhaps the first milestone I was able to witness - apart from Sarahs waistline expanding - and it has added a new dimension to the understanding in my mind that this pregnancy may infact lead to a true bundle of Joy in late July (give or take of course). I feel on top of the world! How much more jubilant will it feel in about 4 months time??!! I don't know, but BRING IT ON! :-)

God bless you all,


Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

So excited for you! I can't wait until I can feel the baby kick myself and, even more, when my husband can experience the pregnancy with me more. What a great experience!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Awesome! That's so exciting.

I tagged you for something. ;o)