Friday, June 19, 2009

Four sleeps to go ~ part 2

Hi again, sarah has had her iv replaced. No dramas and little pain,
which she is rather relieved about.

At this stage we are expecting that there will be a best case scenario
after emby's born of a 3 day wait before sarah and emby can in home.
That's probably an overly optimistic best case though. It could be as
long as 10 days though. It entirely depends on the needs of emby after

So what philosophical topic can I write about now? We have discovered
that we now know what emby's birthday will be! 23rd of june 2009. I
imagine not many parents get to know that kind of thing until
afterwards. It's just something we hadn't processed.

I'm trying real hard not to get too excited because iv makes time pass
too slowly. I know I said I wasn't in too much of a hurry to get
through this time, but i'm starting to wish it away. I just can't
wait! There is so much to do and get used to! Oh, and we've got to get
used to this new person that we've never met! I still can't imagine
what it will be like...

Probably the most amazing experience of our lives!


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Searching for Serenity said...

Despite your current situation, all your posts have brought great warmth to my heart. Your positivity is contagious. I am so excited for you both and I can't believe your turn is next week!!

From my end of the world to yours, Cheers!