Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sarah's still in hopsital

HI all,

I'm writing this completely on the run so if there's spelling mistakes, I appologise...

Sarah must stay in hospital until the birth of Emby, the placenta has grown to completely cover the cervix, and as well as that has grown up over the area they would usually make the first incision to do the c section, so I'm fairly certain they will have to cut higher up to avoid cutting the placenta. That's not a real problem I guess. They have set a date for the c section to be done - the 23rd of June. That is 36 weeks for Emby - which again is fine and not really a problem - Emby may need some time in the neonatal care unit, and Sarah will need at least 3 to 5 days of recovery time after the c section - which again isn't really a problem. The problems will start to occur if anything doesn't go to plan. Sarah has had significant lower abdominal pain in the last 24 hours. She describes it as being akin to period pain, and feels like she would just before she would usually start to bleed in a period situation.

Usually with placenta previs the bleeding occurs without warning and is completely painless, so maybe that's not what is about to happen here. Please pray that it's not about to happen that way. We have been told that when that kind of bleeding occurs that it's like a tap turning on - with not off position. One of the nurses in the hospital told us of a situation where one lady lost about a litre of blood as she was on her way to the operating theatre and the doctors were not preped and scrubbed. The nurse didn't tell us the outcome, but I'm presuming she survived. So yeah this is a little scarey. But things at the moment are fine apart from pretty intense abdominal pain. They put it down to the baby being so active on top of the placenta. I'm happy wiht that diagnosis, just hope and pray that it's nothing more.

Basically we need for Emby to make it until the c section date. Because the alternative is quite scarey. I know that God has all things under control - not the least of which is the two most important people in the world to me. But none the less, I think letting you all know will at least mean more people are praying and thinking of us.

Thanks all for your support.

PS: If anyone knows of a good application for a mobile phone that will let you blog remotely (without having to send sms messages) can you let me know, cause that would be SOOOO much easier! I'll keep you as posted as I can!


Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

Thanks for the update. I pray that things continue to stay under control for Sarah and yourself. we don't need any surprises or emergencies. And I pray that God keeps little Emby safe and secure until he/she needs to come out.

Glen and Andrea said...

You are two are doing great. You are both so strong. It's down to counting the hours and days now, hopefully all is going to be fine. It must be so hard though! We are thinking of you A LOT. And we will up the prayers too. Wishing you both a happy day today.

Searching for Serenity said...

I've been thinking about you both. In fact I had intended on sending you a note yesterday.

It's relieving to hear that Emby is still baking and that Sarah is under close watch. The promising part of this story is that she is under constant care and I'm certain she is in good hands.

June 26th is the day! I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts.

Hang in there, Abe. Your biggest dream is about to come true. I'm so happy for you.