Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My first blog from the hospital

Ok, so this is my first real blog from hospital. It's going to be
really going to be great to be able to keep you all informed as to
what is going on! But I fear I may give myself RSI with using my phone
keypad if i'm not careful!

So where are we at right now ┄ well sarah got significantly better
pain wise yesterday. And her tummy just feels tired today. Sarah gave
a fellow inmate a manicure today and now all the nurses and midwives
are lining up for nail painting - well at least I think they would if
they could!

We have watched about 3 seasons of bones, half a season of americas
next top model and a season of project runway. We've still got a
season of bones and NCIS to watch so there is plenty to see!

So how are we doing otherwise? Well, sarah is bored witless which
really is to be expected after three full weeks! But otherwise she is
pretty good. We are both really excited about emby's arrival! But we
know we can't get too excited about it cause it's like the night
before christmas and getting too excited might just mean we explode
with anticipation!

But I guess there is only so much I can tell you can tell you about up
doing nothing but waiting for next tuesday to happen. But i'll try not
to bore everyone in the posts to come.


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