Thursday, June 25, 2009

Introducing . . .

Abbigail grace, born at 1.39 pm, 5 pounds 9 ounces. She is feeding
really well given her 36 week birth. I'm sorry but I can't send a
photo with this method of blogging. Be sure it will be the first thing
I do when I get a chance!

Flash back . . .

We were taken up to the prep area in our gowns and scrubs. I got to be
with sarah right up until the birth, which sarah really appreciated.
She was given a spinal block, which according to sarah was the worst
part of her experience. Having to lean forward and hug her knees
(impossible) and not recoil with pain at the injection into the spine.
She felt very nauseous initially as her blood pressure dropped as we
had been warned. With extra fluid on board she felt much better. They
then set her up on the operating table with a screen preventing her
from seeing the drama unfolding beyond. I sat next to her just holding
her hand as the anaesthetist talked with sarah to keep her mind
distracted. Before sarah realised what was going on they announced
that they were half way there! Sarah was surprised that they had even
started! The anaesthesia was very good! I took a look at this stage
with a feeling of mounting anticipation! They must have been looking
to find the best way to cut into the uterus. Not only was placenta
previa a problem but placenta accretia. Sarah had blood vessels that
penetrated uterus. This further complicated things. Several minutes
later I looked again and the doctors were playing tug of war with the
head and body of our daughter. The doctors won and abbigail was put
under heat lamps and poked and prodded, towelled off. My attention was
torn as I took in the awesome sight of my daughter, and looked back to
ensure sarah was still well. They decided to take abbigail away to
neonatal and I was asked if I wanted to go and look after her. After
checking with sarah that she was ok with that, I went with the
paediatrician to neonatal. There they attached probes and monitors to
measure heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and measured blood
glucose. All the time I simply can't take my eyes off my daughter. She
is SO gorgeous! After what seems like only 5 minutes they declared
her well enough to not need to be kept in the neonatal unit. During
the whole time I was quite overcome with emotion, and couldn't stop
the tears. I was so privileged to have the first meaningful hug with
abbigail. She just stared back at me, taking it all in. So about half
an hour after leaving sarah, she was stitched up and waiting in
recovery. Abbigail and I went back to say hi and reintroduce then to
each other. Sarah had a really good session of feeding with abbigail,
and eventually sarah was allowed to return to her room. Sarah has been
in significant pain since then, and so far has been rather unable to
do very much at all. At the moment her speedy recovery and sleep for
the both of us would be our greatest wishes.

Sorry it's taken all day to get this written. I'm not sure where the day went!


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Searching for Serenity said...

Thinking of you guys. Can't wait to see pictures of your little girl.

Amazing how our little ones arrived so close together, although both earlier than their dues dates.

Blessings from our new family to yours.

S4S, Cap'm and CT

I Believe in Miracles said...

CONGRATULATIONS Abe and Sarah! Love the name. So excited for your little girl... I kept wondering what you were having. :o)