Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two sleeps to go!

grrr... I just deleted what I just spent the last 15 minutes typing on
my mobile phone. So frustrating!

I woke up several times last night with excitement and struggled to
get back to sleep. So i'm a little tired today, I have no idea how i'm
going to sleep in the next 48 hours! It's like a cross between the
night before christmas and the night before an exam that you feel
grossly unprepared for! It's obvious what the excitement is all about,
but the apprehension is due to what could go wrong.

Sarah is having her last baby shower this afternoon. We're going to
have iv in the waiting room of the maternity inpatients clinic here at
the hospital. Should be lots of fun, but I just hope that if anyone is
sick, that they won't come. We have had visitors in the last 4 weeks
who have come despite being unwell and have passed on colds etc and
its just not fair. Do people just not think when they enter a hospital
or do they not care?! Anyway, i'm going to make a point of asking
sick people who turn up not to visit us on tuesday. Especially with
the swine flu being spread through the community as much as it is at
the moment.

Anyway, that's enough for now. Will catch you later.


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