Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Informed consent...

The words are very simple, yet seemingly elusive to certain health professionals in our locality. Sarah was asked to sign an informed consent form when she agreed to have the C section done on Tuesday next week. That was fine and dandy. She figured that really there is no choice regarding how Emby is going to come into this world. But the form says that you have been informed of the risks and possible outcomes of the surgery - and also that you agree that the risk is acceptable to you.

However tonight we had one of the better midwives on who asked if someone had gone through with us what will happen on Tuesday. We reply - no, no one has explained anything to us - which is true. We figured someone would at some point. I guess that time was tonight. Everything was pretty standard, until the midwife explains that if in the worse case scenario that bleeding cannot be stopped, then the uterus may have to be removed. Now, if that's what has to happen in a worst case scenario then fine, that is just what has to happen. Easy to rationalise when you are talking about your wife's life. But I think I would have been pretty annoyed had we got to the day and the worst did happen, if no one had explained to us that it could be a possibility. It wouldn't change the outcome, but that should have been explained prior to the informed consent form being signed!

Forgive me, I'm just a little annoyed about that because it's stuff like that that needs to be explained. I guess I'm the kind of guy that likes to know all the info, the pro's and con's so to speak. It doesn't change the outcome - I'd sign anything that would make sure they both come through the proceedure healthy and happy! But at this point I want to know all the risks.

Anyway, that's just my little rant for tonight. I'm liking being able to blog during the day while I'm with Sarah, because that has been a little frustraiting - there is actually very little to do, but I'm not getting bored. It's actually quite relaxing just sitting back and letting the rest of the world worry about it's own concerns for time. It's really good to let the world pass us by for a change!

The midwives have recommended that Sarah express to have some collostrum on hand should the baby come early. Apparently the usual amount for new mothers to be to express is only 2 or 3 ml daily, Sarah does that without even trying! She can do up to 25ml in a sitting, and she does it twice a day! But anyway the reason I'm mentioning this is because I just talked to her on the phone, and someone has taken the collostrum she expressed this morning - hopefully by accident. But she's real miffed! And fair enough to! It's not that we wouldn't share if someone asked, but people can't just do that. It was properly labeled etc. Anyway, who knows what happened.

Hmmm... Maybe I wasn't finished ranting... Oh well, I am now.


Searching for Serenity said...

Rant all you need. Those are two very valid reasons. Thank goodness for the one midwife that sat down to explain things to you. I'm the same way. I want to know everything so I can make the best decision for me. I don't like people who assume I'm the norm.

I think its interesting that they've asked Sarah to start pumping. I've heard that it can trigger labor, but I think the reasoning is valid. And as for the milk theif...shame on them. Hopefully it was just a mix up.

Enjoy this time while the world around you continues to move at a rapid pace.

Sending lots of positive vibes your way.

Stacey said...

Praying for you guys today and in the days ahead!

Glen and Andrea said...

I'm stuck in bed again, sick and sore so I'm really enjoying your frequent posting. I think Ican imagine how you feel, after some similar experiences with hospitals and medical procedures!

It's good Sarah is pumping - it might help her to know she is doing something to help the baby, instead of feeling out of control or like she is just waiting.

I was just thinking how funny it would have seemed a few years ago to think that you would be commenting on our blog in Thailand helping us get through the journey and now we live several hours away but we can check in on how you are doing through YOUR blog!